Happy Father’s Day!

 It was Father’s Day weekend! On Saturday we took Grandpa Morrison out to lunch to celebrate! 🙂
Jared went BIG on his lunch! That’s a HUGE steak!!! LOL!!
He did share with this girl. She’s chanting…”I want steak, I want steak!” Hahaha! She loves her red meat! 😛
 We had a nice lunch with my parents. It’s always nice to spend some time with them. 🙂 
After we left lunch we took Jared to see “Inside Out”. 
This was a cute photo op they had in the lobby of the theatre. We couldn’t resist!
“Inside Out” was REALLY good. The whole family LOVED it! Jared was cracking up the entire movie. Way to go Pixar! 😀  
We got home and Jared and I changed and headed to the Temple and had dinner with our good friend’s the Watts. When we got home around 8:30pm we walked in the house and it was HOT! We don’t know what it is with us and a/c’s right now. 
The a/c was dead and the temp was 84 degrees and climbing. 🙁 We called an a/c place but they said it wouldn’t be until midnight before they could send out a tech. We are so grateful for the Watt’s who let us crash at their house until we got things fixed. 
Don’t they looked thrilled?!? LOL!
I felt so bad that this was happening on Father’s Day weekend. I won’t go into all the details but, I’ll impart some wisdom…..If you can wait until regular business hours, or for your cousin who works on a/c’s for a living to get back to you, do it!!! sigh…
Sunday we were super exhausted. I don’t think I even fell asleep until after 2am. So we didn’t even make it to church. Instead we made sure to enjoy our newly fixed a/c…LOL! 
Jared loves me to cook for him and so I made him coconut french toast. It was to die for! I’m drooling thinking about it! 😀
For lunch he wanted a BIG salad. I thought it was sorta funny..not very “manly”…so then he said how about a BIG steak salad! 😛 The steak turned out beautifully and I made a new dressing. It was scrumptious! 😀 And yes…that’s Jared’s serving, that’s not to share! Hahaha! He also loves Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer so he washed it down with one of those! 😀
For dessert I broke out my torch I got for Christmas that I still hadn’t used. 😛 I made creme brulee cookies. Jared said they were DELICIOUS! 🙂 
I was going to make dinner, but after all that no one was hungry. 🙂 
We did our best to spoil our Dad’s. I think it worked! 😀
Happy Father’s Day Jared! We love you! Thanks for being an amazing Dad to our kids!!

Alayna made this cool coaster for him at Activity Days! 🙂

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