Walker’s Last Band Concert

Walker had his final band concert Tuesday night! 
The end of the year is like a sprint. So many concerts, projects, finals, and ceremonies. I can see the finish line though, and that’s helpful! 😛
I rarely get a good clear shot of Walker. I love you can see his cute smile in this one!! 😀
Two clear shots!!! Must have been my lucky day! 😀
The band sounded great and that’s his final performance. He’s decided not to continue with band next year. Jared and I are a little heartbroken, but we also feel he needs to start making more of these hard choices on his own. If it was up to us we’d ask him to stick with it another year, but he just isn’t enjoying it the way he used to. Most of his friends didn’t take band this year, and next year he’d be the only one left. 
We did talk with him though, and expressed that if he didn’t continue with band he’d need to find another extra curricular activity. He is our “studious” child. He craves learning like nobody I’ve ever met. Most kids his age just want to hang out and do the minimum requirements for school. Not this guy….
When we were going over his schedule for next year he was very clear he wanted to take as many AP Classes as possible. The rest will be Honors, with the exception of P.E. (which I think will be weights if he gets it approved), and the 2nd year of his Business Class. 
We want him to of course get the most out of his education, but we also want him to have balance. Scouts and Church help with that, but we want him to also be involved in Clubs and things at school as well. 🙂 
He will be a Sophomore next year and my heart sort of stops when I think about that too much. I wish I could freeze time some days. Yesterday was one of them!
Walker came bounding through the door and loudly proclaims, “Mom I’m hooooome!!!!!! I missed you!!!!!!!” and gave me the BIGGEST hug! It was such a sweet surprise and I had to push back the tears. (The kids tease me that I tear up too easy..lol!)
It was such a simple thing and he probably has no idea what it meant to me. But it was so precious to me. Walker is an affectionate teenager. He’s not too moody or angry or all of those things you hear about teens…yet any way. 😛 LOL! He gives us hugs and kisses, but there was just something different about yesterday. I wanted to write about it here to make sure I don’t ever forget. 🙂 
Love you Son!!

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