Eli’s Golden Scholar!!!

Last night we went to Eli’s 3rd Golden Scholar Ceremony!!! Woot!Woot! He’s qualified every year and I’m SO proud of that little…I mean young man! 😀

 While we were waiting for the ceremony to begin I asked Walker to take a quick picture with me. This is how it turned out!!!! LOL! (Like father, like son!) Dorks!!!! LOL!
Eli surprised all of us, as he was getting ready to leave he not only put on his Sunday Best, he put on a suit jacket!!! He looked SO handsome! 😀
This is one of my very favorite pictures of him. He was walking out with the other students and he searched me out in the crowd, looked right at me with that big beautiful smile so I could take this awesome picture! Thanks Eli! (I know you complain about how many pics I take of you, but I think you secretly like it!! LOL!)
Ms. Davis, his 4th grade teacher, who is now a 6th grade teacher, handed out the awards. 
Here he is with his fancy certificate! They used to hand out pins, I’m not sure why they changed it this year. 
A closer look at that well deserved award!
Sorry I had to put one more in…He just looks so mature and handsome! 🙂
Look how much he’s grown! Such a hard worker and awesome kid! Congratulations Eli!!!!! 

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