Gingerbread House Extravaganza!

Our dear sweet friends The Packard’s invited us over last night for a yummy stew dinner and to make gingerbread houses!! Not only are they amazing friends they are our Home Teachers and we just love them to pieces. 🙂
Alayna & I made the house in the picture below and the boys made their own. I hope to get those pictures from Sis. Packard soon and I’ll update this post then. 🙂
Sis. Packard baked the gingerbread from scratch and had the pieces all cut out for us and put together in house form before we even arrived. She’s a superstar!! It was amazing how many types of candies they had laid out on the table too. They also had icing, pretzels, licorices, cereal…whatever you could imagine…it was there! I think we all ate more than actually made it on to the houses. LOL!

A BIG thank you to The Packard’s for a sugar filled fun time! 😀

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