So Proud!

Jared has been working hard going back to school at the Church’s college program called Pathways. Once he’s done with this 1st year he will be able to matriculate into BYU-I to their regular online college program and earn his degree. 
I’ve seen Jared over the passed year since losing his job at Coppersmith, grow and become the man the Lord wants him to be. His faith and testimony have grown leaps and bounds and has blown me away! I watch him in awe as he juggles our family, his calling with the Bishopric as Ward Clerk, a full time job, and school. I love him so much!
This week’s assignment for school was to write up a few paragraphs about where he wants to go with his education. This is what he wrote:
My original motivations for participating in the Pathway
program were strictly to get that piece of paper. I have taken some community
college or University of Phoenix classes here and there, but I saw this
affordable opportunity to finally lock myself in and just get it done. I have
been relatively successful without a college degree, and I felt that I had the
solid experience to go further, but the lack of that silly piece of paper was
holding me back.
My motivations have changed in these short 4 weeks. These lessons have
motivated me to gain knowledge, to grow spiritually, to become a leader. I
still want that piece of paper, as I know that I will have that sense of
accomplishment and pride at completing something I have wished for for the past
decade, but there is now more to it. I love inviting the Spirit to join me each
time I sit down to study. I love seeing how the gospel can affect every aspect
of life no matter if it is spiritual or secular. I am motivated to strengthen
my relationship with God.

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