Christmas Eve 2013

Every year we go to Grandma and Grandpa Morrison’s for Christmas Eve. Before we open gifts all the grandkids that want to or, have prepared a musical number, give us a little talent show. 🙂

This year the entertainment was hosted by yours truly..The Kitch Family! 😛

 Alayna started taking piano this year so she gave us a sweet little performance of  “Jingle Bells”. She did great! 
Eli played, “Looking Glass River” and “Promenade”. He has such a natural talent for music. 
Walker played, ” Pachelbel Canon” and “Linus and Lucy”. I love hearing him play.
 The audience was captivated! 🙂
 The big finale was all the of the grandkids…well at least more than half of them…sang “Silent Night” with Walker accompanying them. 🙂
 We enjoyed the evening together with all of the family and ate until we had to roll ourselves home before Santa made his delivery!!

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