Birthday Love..

Jared wrote me this beautiful tribute today. He’s not much
for words so when these moments come I want to document them! 🙂
“My wife, Vanessa, doesn’t like when her birthday
falls on the same weekend as Thanksgiving, but I think it’s perfect. Those of you
who are her friend as well on here have seen over the past month where the good
parts of me come from. Her month long Thanksgiving gives a glimpse of the
person that she is. She embodies everything that I am thankful for. She makes
my home more peaceful, my kids more high-minded, my life more fun, my faults
less noticeable. I am a better person because of her example of following His
example. She is the perfect partner, and I know that we belong with each other.
Like most marriages, we have our disagreements, but I always know that she
loves me and that our marriage covenant will weather anything. I know that I
can make her a higher priority than myself because she reciprocates. I don’t
want to imagine where my life would be without her. Happy Birthday Vanessa! I
love you more than you know.”
I think I found myself a keeper! This past Thanksgiving also
marks our 20 year anniversary. He asked me to be his girlfriend all those years
ago! 🙂

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