Horton Springs

 Walker’s scout troop had a family hike on Saturday. It was up in Payson right near Kohl’s Ranch. They hiked
up to Horton Springs. Jared took Walker, Eli and our nephew Dylan. 
Unfortunately Alayna and I couldn’t go…more on that later. 
Here are some beautiful pics of the day’s excursion!
Walker has those “Kitch” eyes. Most pictures of him turn out this way! LOL! 
Jared said Walker didn’t really hike with him..that’s why there are so many more pictures of Eli than Walker…even though it was Walker’s scout activity. 😛
The following pictures are a sequence of events… I’ll let the story unfold …
Eli said the water was FREEZING!!! Hahaha!
The boys all had a great time. The hike roundtrip was about 8 miles. I was so glad they were all able to go! 🙂

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