Hotel Del- Day 3

Sunday morning we woke up and it was foggy outside. It made the hotel look like something out of a novel. 😛
The hotel holds an extravagant Sunday Brunch in the famous Crown Room. 
The brunch offers a massive menu and it’s about $80.00/adult. A little too steep for us but I snuck in and took a picture of the room. 😛
The architecture is stunning. The woodwork just amazes me!! Don’t you love the crown chandeliers???
The rest of the family never went around to check out the rest of the hotel so we went back around and stopped at some of the shops. 
They had a sweet shop and I’m a sucker for good fudge. We had the Black Panther and it was pretty decedent!! 🙂
Jared got an old fashioned root beer with cane sugar. He was a happy camper!
A little sweetie for my little Sweetie! 🙂
The kids were really loving the body boarding so we decided to head down the the shops and get them their very own board. 🙂 They were stoked!
This place is like Disneyland for the Beach!! 🙂
Surfer Girl!! 🙂
These two were thick as thieves! They had so much fun together!
Walker got a rash on his hips from all the sand and body boarding..he decided to take a break for the afternoon. 
I think Jared was taking a little break of his own. 😛
This kid was just about to grow fins at this point!! 😛
Dad sure is fun!!! Love the mermaid tale!
We wanted to make sure we got a good family picture in while we were there. 
The tide came in and surprised us…it was cooooold! LOL!!!
I can’t believe he’s a teenager now!!

I love that man! 🙂
She just loves to explore and find little creatures to play with. 😛
I can’t tell you how beautiful the weather was the entire time we were there. It was wonderful!
 I wish we could have stayed a few more days!!
On Sunday nights they have a Family S’mores night. 
We were all over that action! 😀
It was a sweet way to end another fantastic day! 🙂

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