Mother Daughter Weekend!!!!!!!!!!

So a couple of weeks ago I realized the Father & Sons Campout was coming up and started thinking about what Alayna and I could do together while the boys were gone. Then it dawned on me….San Diego!
Alayna has been “begging” to see Shamu, so I went online to price out hotels, and it looked like something we could afford to do. Then I thought…maybe “my” Mom would like to come too! So I gave her a call and she said she would LOVE to come! So our Mother Daughter Weekend was on! 🙂
We love to countdown to our trips so when Alayna go home from school I told her the great news and we made a chain. 
She was over the moon exctatic! She couldn’t believe she was finally going to see Shamu and spend an entire weekend with just the girls! It was so adorable. Every morning she’d come and tell me how many days were left and give a little squeal! 😛 So precious!
The day finally arrived and we got the van all packed up and we were ready to begin the fun filled weekend! 🙂
We picked up Grandma and headed to Alayna’s favorite place to eat!
She loves Red Robin. 😛
After lunch we hit the road. I’m not a big fan of driving at night in unfamiliar places so I wanted to get a good start. 
On the way we stopped in a little place called Dateland. I asked Alayna if she knew what a date was. She said yes. She said it’s when you go out do this…she then closed her eyes and puckered up her lips and started making kissy faces! Hahahahaha! I died laughing! I then explained that yes there is that kind of date but there is a date you can eat. It grows on trees and it’s sweet. 
We walked inside the store and they sold a Date Shake. We weren’t brave enough to try it but it was intruiging. 
Who knew there were so many kinds of dates?? We had to give them a try. Mom and I like dates but Alayna said she wasn’t a fan. It was a fun little place to stop and check out. 
Grandma has to stop a lot to use the restroom and stretch. It took us 8 hrs to get to San Diego instead of 6. We were all happy to see the hotel that night! We stayed at the Hampton Inn Sea World Hotel. I really like Hampton Inns. They are dependable for quality and comfort across the board. I’ve never been disappointed staying at one. They have an excellent free breakfast too! 🙂 I know I sound like a commercial..but when you are traveling without your husbands it’s nice to know you can trust where you will be sleeping at night. 
We all crashed that night and couldn’t wait for what lye ahead for the next day….
More excitement to come! 

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