Court of Honor

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged about Walker. He did have a band concert about a month ago but I wasn’t able to go since I’m the Cub Scout Committee Chair for our Pack and it fell on the same night as Pack Meeting. I sent Jared but he forgot to take a pic of him. 🙁

So Walker had his Court of Honor tonight and wouldn’t ya know it…Little Miss has strep throat and I wasn’t able to go. 🙁 This time I reminded and double reminded Jared to take pictures so there would be proof Walker still does exist! LOL! He did a good job…However, cell phones don’t take the best pics so please excuse the blurriness. 😛

Walker was apart of the color guard.
He received his Citizenship in the Nation and Citizenship in the World merit badges. 
Retrieving the Colors. 
At the end of the meeting they discussed the upcoming Scout Camp this summer. They are planning to take the boys on on a white water river rafting week long trip!! My heart is trying to take this in and I’m trying to not freak out too much. They don’t think they will have any room for Dads to go and that just adds to my heart palpitations! Let’s all just have a little prayer that everyone will be safe! 😛

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