Shadow Your Student Day

Today was “Shadow Your Student Day” at the Jr. High. Walker actually wanted his old Mom to come! So nice to know I’m not too embarrassing to him…yet…lol! I got to follow Walker around all day and get a glimpse of what his day is like at school. 
It’s also been Spirit Week and today was, “Would You Still Be My Parent If I wore This To School Day”. Walker really has a LOT of school spirit. And to answer the question, Yes I’m proud to be this guys parent! 🙂

(Sorry for the crummy cell phone pics…)

He’s Awesome!! LOL!
Rockin’ it out in Band!
Learning about earthquakes in Honors Science!

I stopped taking pictures after the 3rd hour. I didn’t want to embarrass him TOO much..LOL! ;P It was neat seeing how he manages his day and interacts with his peers. Most of the teachers didn’t modify their day just because we were there. I think that was good so that we could really see how the students are being taught and what they are being taught. 
Walker is definitely a smarty pants! He’s in all honors classes and I can tell you now, by next year or so I won’t be able to be of much homework help to him. Good thing Dad is a smarty pants too! 😀 We had a fun day together!

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