1st Day of Joy School

Alayna had her 1st day of Joy School today!
She has been counting down the days until she was going to start school again. She’s been counting by how many Church Days (Sundays) until she was going to get to go back. 😛 Every once in a while she’d update us and tell us, “Just 4 more Church Days”…”Just one more Church Day”. Sooo cute!
The day finally arrived today, and she was so excited she got herself dressed and ready in record time. She ate her entire breakfast and was staring at the clock until it was time to leave. (Not that she can tell time..LOL! )
I have to admit I was excited with her at first. But then I realized that she was leaving home. I mean, I’m excited that she gets to go and be with her friends and learn and have a great time. But, I’m sad that she’s growing up tooooo fast and my last baby is going out into the great big world. It all makes my heart ache a little.
I picked her up after school and she had been crying. I guess there was a ‘learning opportunity’ about sharing with a few of the girls just before I arrived. Sister Esperson assured me that it was all fine. These are the things I suppose that will make her stronger and ready for next year when she goes to Kindergarten. 🙂
My heart still aches a little though….
Here she is showing off her art project after her 1st day. Alayna L-O-V-E-S art!!! 😀

I love that sweet girl!

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