Father & Son’s Campout

The boys went to the Ward’s Father & Son’s Campout over the weekend up in Happy Jack. They L-O-V-E to go camping!!

Eli took his awesome little camera. Between him and Jared they captured some of the fun times they had.

They drove up Friday afternoon and came back Saturday afternoon.

Eli is totally in his ‘element’! 😛

Walker and Nelson enjoying the great outdoors!

On Saturday they decided to go on a hike.

Jared, Walker, Eli, Dave Campbell, Tyler Campbell, Jeff Williams and Chase Williams went together.

This was one of the few shots Jared is actually in. That is the downside to being the photographer…lol!

The ‘Guys’!

They climbed up to the cave and it had a waterfall. It looks so cool!

The ‘backside of water’. (This is only funny if you’ve ever ridden the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. I couldn’t help myself. 😛 )

The cave was filled with water so they had to jump across rocks to get through it.

It misted on you while you were in there.

On their way out the other side of cave. Man I wish I could have come. It looks gorgeous!

The boys said this was really steep and it was hard to climb down. But they loved every minute of it! 😀

They came home telling me all about it at 100 miles an hour. They had a BLAST! 🙂


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