One of the many things I admire about Eli is his determination. This guy has fire in his eyes about football this year. He started out the season fairly ‘green’ as they say…to see him play now… he’s like a whole new player!

He approached his coach a few weeks ago to find out what he could do to get more playing time. Since then, his coaches have had a new respect for him and have taken notice of his drive and willingness to do what it takes to get better, and be better each and every week. During the week Eli asks me to leave for practice early so he’s the first kid there and he’s the last kid off the field at the end of practice. He puts in 110%! 🙂

Today he was on fire at his game! He was pulling flags and catching passes and made a touch down!!!!! Way to go Eli!!!


His teammate Jacob was really excited! LOL!! Love it!!!

Final Score: 34-13 ….Cardinals WIN! 😀

Alayna is so proud of her big brother! 😀


  • YourConscience

    BUT… I do have that drive to win. I'm a very good winner, but a BAD loser. I figure if I'm doing something, I need to do it BEST.
    Tell that Football-playing grandson I'm proud of him and love him. Course, I love all my grandkids. They're kind of special.
    Prejudice? Me? NAW~~~ Not me!

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