Rudolph With Your Nose So Bright!!

Eli brought his usual Mt. Everest size pile of papers home from school just before Christmas Break, and as I was sorting through the massive stack, I found this little gem!

I thought it was a clever story! 🙂

Eli is really blossoming this year. He has always been a great student and at the top of his class, but his personality is really starting to shine.

This year he took the ALP test and qualified with outstanding scores!! We are so proud of him! He’s very responsible and an amazingly caring and thoughtful friend. His teachers rave about what a great help is to them and to the other students in the class.

He’s a big teddy bear, but he can really be rough and tumble at the same time. Eli has started his first football season and is wicked fast and a natural at the sport. He says baseball is still his favorite, but we’ll see what his thoughts are at the end of the season!

Love you Eli! 😀

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