American Heritage Festival

Last week Walker’s class went on a field trip to Schnepf Farms for the American Heritage Festival.

“The American Heritage Festival is a grand scale educational presentation of diverse civilian and military aspects of historic American life as portrayed by a large and experienced cast of historical interpreters assembled from around the country.

Included are reenactments, dramatic portrayals of famous men and women, musicians, artisans, craftsmen, singers, colonists, pioneers, mountain men, soldiers and more ranging from Colonial times, the American Revolution and Founding Fathers through Frontier and Pioneer days, and the Civil War. Historic men, women and children are portrayed in diverse roles with something of interest to all.”

We have never seen anything like this before…we were very excited!

Walker and his best buddy Jeremiah. These two are inseparable!

This was the group of kids I chaperoned. They were a great group! 🙂

President Lincoln looked very authentic! 🙂

George Washington!

The “skirmishes” as they were called (I guess you can’t call them battles or war scenes for some reason..silliness) were the best part of the day. The cannons and gun fire were so loud you could feel it in your chest. The kids were shouting and cheering for the ‘good guys’ was really neat!

They had so many areas set up to go around to and see different aspects of life from times past.

Walker thought the beaver pelt was awesome! He wanted to get one to take home! LOL!

Showing his mad skills on the wooden flute.

I just thought these girls looked so cute. 🙂

The kids thought it was especially funny when the man told them about hardtack. He said bugs would get into it but don’t worry..just dip it in your coffee, water, or tea so it would get soft and eat the bugs along with it. It’s a good source of protein. 😛 LOL!


They were having such a great time!

The South…

The North….

The Civil War….(Skirmish??) LOL!

The North won! 🙂

They had some gift shops there and before we left Walker got a rabbit’s foot and Jeremiah got a fox face..ewww! LOL! 🙂

It was a long day but it was a lot of fun! 🙂

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