Eli is proving to be quite the mathematician! 🙂

All of the kids at school have to take timed Mad Minute Tests on addition and subtraction. They have to finish 50 problems in 4 minutes 5 times each, and then they move up to 60 problems in 4 minutes, and so on until they complete 100 problems in 4 minutes and then they become a “Math Master”! 🙂

Once they are a Math Master they receive a super cool T-shirt that they get sport around showing off their awesome achievement. 😀

Eli casually walked in the door after school last week wearing his hard earned shirt as if it was just another day…He just waited and waited until I finally looked closer and realized it wasn’t the shirt he wore to school that day! LOL! He’s so funny! 😀

We are so proud of him! Many kids go through each grade never achieving Math Masters. Way to go Eli!!!! 🙂

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