Disney Give Away!!

My family and I are going to be visiting my “favorite” place on earth in a few weeks. And as luck has it we won’t be using all of the days on our tickets. I’ve been trying to decide what to do with the extra 2 1-day park hopper tickets for the past few days.

#1 I could sell them. ($194.00 Value)
#2 I could use them myself before they expire.
#3 I could give them away to a total stranger outside the park gates.
#4 I could offer them to you lovely people for the small price of a short essay of why you LOVE Disneyland!!

#4 wins!

So… for those of you who are genuinely interested in winning these tickets please reply in the comments section on my blog. I will review each submission and choose a winner by Sunday May 30th, so get to writing FAST and be creative!! 🙂

Disclaimer: I will remove negative posts or comments that I feel are inappropriate. Park Hopper Tickets DO have an expiration date and are only good from June 10th-19th. If you are unable to use them by then, please don’t submit an entry. Essay winner will be chosen by myself and I have the final judgement. 😛

Good Luck!!! 🙂


  • Unknown

    O.K. Here it goes. I have only been to Disneyland once. And to tell you the truth I was not impressed. Long lines and the absorbant amount of people. Well since reading you r f.b. posts for what? About the last year and a half. You have inspired me to go and bring my kids and to let loose. (find the kid in me) Your family must have a blast. Your cuzn Kerry

  • ~DeAnn

    Kerry's only been once? Ever? She obviously didn't get "the gene." 😀
    As much as I'd like to go, just can't make it happen. Guess that means I'll forego a limmerick as my entry…. heehee.

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