The Lord’s Hand

In June 2007, Jared had a M.S. attack. We didn’t know at the time it was M.S. however, and it was actually his 2nd one…The first one was misdiagnosed in December 2003 as migraines and stress.

Last year in May 2008 (one year later) he was officially diagnosed with M.S. and has had to take daily injections of a drug called Copaxone. The drug itself has the least side affects than others that are taken orally on the market today. Most of the ones in pill form give you horrible flu like symptoms, and make it almost impossible to get out of bed, let alone go to work. Copaxone does not make you feel that way at all. Another cool thing about Copaxone is that it not only extends the time between relapses…the statistic is if you were having 1.5 attacks in 1 yr. it would extend it to 1 attack in 5 yrs….it also heals the myelin around the nerve to help protect the brain in the event of subsequent relapses.

Copaxone however, does have an injection site reaction that is quite painful. It leaves large welts at the site that burn and leave the area sore anywhere from 10 min. to a few days. He’s suppose to rotate sites on his body to 7 areas; back of both arms, tops of both thighs, each hip and his stomach. This is as you can imagine is NOT fun.

Since his last attack in 2007, he’s had MRI’s every 6 months, and since the following year he’s had them yearly, to monitor the lesions on his brain. He has 3 that they have been keeping an close eye on. He went earlier this month for his yearly visit and had his follow up today. I’m happy to report that the Neurologist said it appears that the lesions are going away!!!!!!! 😀 Yay!

The Dr. also said since he hasn’t had any M.S. related symptoms and the lesions look like they are healing, if he can stay relapse free for 2 more years they will put him on an injection free trial!! Jared of course LOVED this news…he’s not the biggest fan of needles..:) They will continue to monitor him every year to assure his health is good with MRI’s and follow up exams, and of course if he has any new symptoms or relapses, measures will be taken accordingly.

We feel like a huge weight and burden has been lifted from our shoulders. We are not out of the woods, but it appears that God is watching over Jared and taking care of him in a way that I am not able, but have wished I could, and for that I’m so deeply grateful.

My heart is full and I pray that the Lord will continue to bless Jared with health and strength!


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