Happy 9th Birthday Walker!

Happy Birthday Walk-a-doo!

It’s hard to believe just 9 years ago you were born. Dad and I waited a long time to start a family, and even wondered at times if we would ever have our own children….then we were blessed with you!!

From the very beginning you were such an easy baby. Too easy I think, because you were our first, so we assumed all of our children would be as effortless. You slept through the night by 2 months, you never cried unless you had a tummy ache, and would entertain yourself for hours at a time. You were such a happy baby! You were always ahead when it came to learning to walk and talk and all those things a Mom worries about. 🙂

Even now you bring happiness and joy to our family. You are a terrific example to your little brother and sister. You have a heart of gold! Your sense of compassion is beyond your years. You are always willing to help and you are a wonderful friend. You continue to make us proud through your school work and activities. We couldn’t ask for anything more. Your sense of humor is infectious and you bring a smile to all those around you. You make it such a pleasure to be your Mom and Dad!

I thank Heavenly Father everyday for blessing us with you. You teach us in so many ways how to be patient, understanding, and most of all … loving others unconditionally.

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