Little Time Saver

When I was working full-time (eons ago) 🙂 I use to do freezer meals. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with freezer meals but they ROCK!

I would take one Saturday every month and cook all day long, enough meals for the month, and then froze them. Sometimes it wouldn’t even be an entire meal. It could just be taco meat already browned and seasoned, so all I have to do is heat it up and throw it in some shells with some toppings. It made for a long day in the kitchen, but it was so worth it when I’d come home from working hard and I didn’t have to “think” about what to make for dinner.

It saved us a lot of money by not going out to eat because I was too tired to make something. Or if someone in the ward was sick or had just had a baby, and I needed to bring a meal, I didn’t have to scramble to put something together!

(Turkey Enchiladas!!MMMMM!!!)

I haven’t done freezer meals in a while..mostly because the thought of an entire day in the kitchen doesn’t appeal to me. It seems like lately we’ve been eating out a lot because let’s face it..I’m not working outside the home anymore, but my job is certainly FULL TIME! 😛 It’s so easy to just pick up a pizza, tacos, or whatever…but it adds up quick when you have 5 hungry mouths to feed!! So this week I’ve started just making “more” of what I’m already cooking for dinner. We eat one pan and I put the other pan (well covered, with what it is, what temp. to cook it on, etc.) in the freezer. You’d be amazed at how fast my freezer has filled up in just one week.

(Just a small sampling of what’s in there right now)

I know Sunday after church I will be pulling out something from my “Treasure Box”! 😛


  • Jill Ison

    thats an excellent idea! your blog is really hard to read because the word color is almost the same as the background color. Wasn’t sure if you realized that. or maybe its just my computer. but seriously we’ve been eating out alot too and we need to quit it! 🙂

  • Katie

    What a great idea. I don't mind the idea of cooking all day but the thought of thinking up a month's worth of meals at once is a little daunting. We're really bad at eating out too, especially now that baseball season has started because I don't like to cook for just Kiara & me but I still want a full meal (more than just cereal). Maybe I'll try this on a 2 week scale.

  • Anonymous

    It was hard to think up a whole month at a time. I think this way is more practical..really, how much more time does it add to your cooking to just make an extra pan/pot/skillet of what you are already making..hardly enough to matter. 🙂 Glad to get you fired up and start cooking! 😛

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