Photo Editing

I just wanted to show how much photo editing can make or break a photo. Yesterday was Easter and like 99% of you I was snapping away trying to capture the day with my camera. The problem was….I hit the white balance button by mistake when I was trying to hit the ISO and well…I was really irritated at most of my pics. I couldn’t figure out at the time what was going on with the camera, every thing was BLUE!!!! By the time I got home I had figured it out..but it was too late. 🙁

BUT…I didn’t let it get me down. I took them off my camera and opened up photoshop..and well, I’m pleased to say that the once ugly, unusable, annoying pictures actually turned out pretty great! The moral of this story…NEVER delete any picture, you can almost always salvage it through photo editing!!!!







I love photoshop!


  • Heather Ashby

    Your pictures look so good. I love the coloring that you did. I used to Photoshop years ago, maybe I should get back into it. You’ve got me intrigued.

    BTW – I’m always glad to find blogging friends. I didn’t know you had a blog. You are welcome to stop by ours anytime.

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