Mighty Mouse!

This is Walker’s first year in Cub Scouts and his very first Pinewood Derby. He got his kit 3 weeks ago and the day before the weigh-in Jared and Walker finally decided to start working on the car. Hmmmm…..can you say…..ditching work and school to get this done?!? Naughty boys!!

So they franctically started working on the car. Walker being his quirky little self (which I love about him) chose to do a mouse shaped car, instead of the tradtional type. We cautioned him that this car might be more for “show” than “speed” but he still wanted to do it.

Here they are smoothing out the wheels. Walker was having the time of his life using all the electric tools, wood glue, coping saw, and air brush. I was in the house and he kept running inside updating me on what they were doing next. He told me “I’m learning so much about woodworking mom!” It was adorable. How could you not be excited with him? 🙂

This is after they shaped it and put on a few coats of paint. Not too shabby!

Today, Saturday March 7th was the BIG race. Here was the competition!!

Walker was so nervous, can you tell? If you look at the other car next to his on the track you can see the big difference between them in size. Walker’s was the smallest car. We tried to load it with enough weight to help it have a chance.

It’s a big hard to see but on the far left past the little “bridge” you can see the photo finish…..Walker’s car won! That Mighty Mouse car did much better than we ever expected actually. He made it all the way to the final tournament where he placed 4th(ish..they didn’t narrow down outside of 1st and 2nd.) We were quite proud! 🙂

Might Mouse close ups!

It was an exciting week. Lots of running around and learning all about the ins and outs of Pinewood Derby cars….Can’t you wait for your boys to be in Scouts?!?


  • Jill Ison

    that car a amazingly cute. i just want to squeeze it and coo at it a little 🙂

    does jared know a thing or 2 about woodworking? i wish there was a woodworking class around. I ‘d like chad to take one. i think he’d be good at it. looks like jareds pretty good.

  • Anonymous

    LOL..that’s funny.
    Jared doesn’t really know a bunch about woodworking. Just when he has something to do he’ll learn that much about it. It would be fun to take a class. I think Low’s and Home Depot have classes on that stuff dont’ they?

  • Anonymous

    I know they run different sorts of workshops. I’ve seen things posted before on white boards when you walk in..you should call and ask or something! 🙂

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