Cadet of the Month!

So proud of Eli being selected as Cadet of the Month!!!

He had told us that he was selected for the interview process about a week ago and was sharing some the proceedings involved with that. He was a little unsure if he’d ultimately get the nomination since he was going up against another cadet who is also very strong in his qualifications.

I woke up this morning to this GREAT surprise on Instagram!

(TBH this is how I find out most things happening with this kid. Haha!)

For those of us who don’t know the millions of acronyms they use in the air force 😛

IMT=Initial Military Training

FTP= Field Training Preparation

POC= Professional Officer Course

Eli is a natural born leader. He’s got incredible determination and the drive for excellence that is unmatched by anyone I know. He’s going to go far. I’m grateful I get to watch him fly (even if it’s through Instagram). LOL!

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