God is in the Details…

Grateful for friends who can grow beautiful things and share!! 🍋💛

Arizona winter means all the citrus trees are full and ready to be picked. My friend Carol posted she had more lemons than she knew what to do with and said I could come pick to my hearts desire!

If you know me, you know, I LOVE LEMONS!

I didn’t waste much time and drove over to gather my treasure.

I went in the morning when it was still cool (even though it’s winter here the afternoons warm up pretty fast). As I picked each fruit the fragrance of the lemons filled the air. The cool breeze blew and filled my soul. The sun peeked through the branches and glistened off the leaves. It made me stop and I felt God there with me. Filling me up with his creation. Letting me know He is aware of me. Reminding me of even the simplest things here on Earth He created for me to enjoy.

Nature has a beautiful way of drawing us closer to Him. I am so grateful He placed Carol in my life. She’s a dear friend. And I’m grateful for her goodness and generosity that not only filled my appetite but filled my heart with love from my Savior.