23 Years And Counting….

We celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary yesterday!

Where have the years gone? This picture was taken while we were dating in 1995, and pre-braces for me. Eek! LOL! We met in 1993. We were babies in High School. This November we’ll be together 27 years!! Crazy town!

If you look closely you can see his double pierced ear. He was such a rebel! Haha!😎😉

We’ve changed a “little” over the years! 😛

Celebrating during 2020 isn’t quite the same as in other years. Most things are at reduced capacity, require masks, and are just closed all together. So, we enjoyed our time at home the best way we know how. Together with lots of yummy food and movies.

I woke up and Jared surprised me with these gorgeous flowers and a clean kitchen! It was so simple and thoughtful. It really meant a lot to me! <3

When we got married all those years ago, looking out into the future, how could I ever have known all what would unfold?

The family we would create.
The places we would go.
The adventures we would have.
The fights we would duke out.
The celebrations we would bask in.
The things we would learn.
From bawling to belly laughs, from the highest highs and sorrowful lows.
Together. Always learning. Always growing.

I will always and forever be grateful for that choice we made. And the pages of adventures we have filled in between. We still have so much more to learn, but I love that we get to do it together.

Happy Anniversary, Jared!! I love you!

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