On the Rise

It’s unfortunate, but has been expected, the number of people becoming sick with the Coronavirus is escalating significantly here in AZ.

Because of this, the Governor issued a statement delegating each town/city Mayor to decide what to do in their respective jurisdictions about wearing masks to help mitigate the spread.

There are lots of mixed feelings and controversy about wearing masks. If they actually even help or not. And concern about the fact that not everyone is able to wear them because of health reasons like my niece. It’s a mess, as most everything about this virus has been. But, on Friday our town Mayor held a special session to meet and discuss what should be done here in Gilbert and below is what was released.

Neeedless to say, mask makers are in HIGH demand now and are doing quite well for themselves! For example, we have a family of 5 and at $10/mask they are making a nice little business. Now multiply that by our very family oriented town with large families, that little business is booming! Maybe I should learn to sew! 😛

We’ll see what happens in the days/weeks to come.

Even though COVID is here, we are still trying to keep our sanity. There is a balance that has to be found. Being as safe as possible but also realizing that depression and mental health are just as real and important to take care of. Volleyball has been a saving grace for Alayna. She has really struggled through all of this. At 13 years old, friends, socializing, gathering and building relationships are SO important! I’m grateful she’s been able to participate in a few camps, clinics, and private lessons. She got this t-shirt from her last volleyball camp at Gilbert High School. Jared thought it was hilarious. 😛

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