Christmas Concerts

The kids both had their Christmas Concerts! I have to admit when Alayna wanted to do orchestra and not band like her brothers I was a little sad and a little nervous. Strings can be a little screechy. LOL!
But you know what…I actually am loving it! <3 
Her orchestra sounds really good and I love hearing her play the cello! It’s been fun going along on this journey with her. 🙂
Eli is doing awesome in Jazz Band. 
His sax group always tries to do something funny or different than everyone else. So Mistletoe is the obvious option for Christmas! 😛 
They played in some smaller groups in the beginning. And the stinker didn’t even tell us he had a solo! It was a big surprise! He did awesome! <3 
And finished the concert with the full band. They sounded really really good! I love BIG band music and his best friend Tanner plays trumpet and killed his solo too. I’m a sucker for the trumpet in big bands. 😛 

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