Deck the Halls!

 The weather has FINALLY cooled and it has been raining. Summer has felt like it was never going to end this year. The cooler temps and cloudy days have felt AMAZING! It has gotten me in the mood for Christmas! 
Some years, Thanksgiving is late in November and my birthday shares the same weekend. Since next week is my bday and Thanksgiving, I wanted to just relax and enjoy! So we decorated a week early! 😛 
When I was pulling out the Christmas decorations I found one of the boxes that had the musical snow globe nativity in it that Jared’s mom had given us when we first got married. I think the endless summer temps got the best of it and when I started pulling things out I noticed all the boxes around it were warped and the tree skirt was ruined. All the water had leaked out of it and the music box part was all corroded. We’d had the tree skirt since were first married as well. All the colors had bled together. I was SO sad. I guess I was so sad that I forgot to even take a picture of any of it. Darn it! 🙁 
So the kids helped me pick out a new tree skirt. I think it’s pretty cute. But I still need a new nativity. 
Every year the kids pick out an ornament. It usually represents something they are interested in or did that particular year. But as they’ve gotten older and Jared is a big fan of  “collections” he’s sort of rubbed off on them and they tend to just pick the next ornament in the series they love. 😛 Then, when they move out and get a place of their own they will have a pretty great start to their own Christmas tree decorations. 🙂   
 When Jared and I were first married he bought me Harry Connick Jr.’s Christmas CD called, “When My Heart Finds Christmas”. We blast it loud and sing along while we decorate every year ever since! <3 
It took us a bit but we finally got it all done! 
The light up block nativity was a Relief Society Super Saturday activity craft I did one year. The blocks have a small hole in the back and we put Christmas lights inside so it would light up! The image is done with vinyl. 
This is a new tradition for us this year. We are doing nightly Advent devotionals on the names of Christ. I still need to get an Advent candle display. 
I love the ceramic Santa and reindeer display my mom bought me many years ago. It’s one of my favorites! I also love that this old pic popped up of the kids on a past Christmas morning! <3 
My visiting teacher from a few years ago, Jaime Esperson, mad these cute blocks for me. 
Jared and I need new stockings. I embroidered our names on all of them years ago. But I really don’t like ours. LOL! 
Santa and his “Good Boys and Girls” list is another favorite. I found him on clearance one year! Can you believe that!?
My sweet friend made this sign for me. Elder Maxwell is one of my favorite Apostles! <3
This tiny nativity joined our family last year. Jared’s dad and step-mom painted this for us and it was our Christmas gift last year. It’s so cute and tiny! 
This banner was also a sweet gift my friend AnnMarie gave me that joined our family last year. It’s so festive! I’m thinking about possibly getting some mistletoe to hang up there with it! 😀 
I don’t think I’ve ever documented our decorations before. I thought it would be fun to have to be able remember! 

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