Sweetest Surprise

A good friend of mine, Lynn Merrill, works at the elementary school. She was going through the record’s folder of the kids moving up to Jr. High next year and she came across Alayna’s. Not everything goes up with them and she thought this was too cute to just throw away. I’m so grateful she saved it for me!!! How precious is this!?! 
We aren’t sure what grade it’s from but it’s from one of her writing samples they have to have in their files. We think kinder or maybe 1st grade. Soooo stinkin’ adorable! I LOVE that our arms are stretched out and up to the sky, we both have the same cute curls at the end of our hair, and the sun is rockin’ some pretty stylin’ sunglasses! <3 Oh…and of course her sweet, sweet words about her Momma!!! Love, love, love!!! 
I’m the luckiest! She’s definitely the best gift I ever had too! Best Christmas gift ever!

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