Moving Day

It didn’t take long for Eli and Alayna to want to move things around once Walker left! Lol! 
Alayna’s been wanting to paint her room but hasn’t had the money to do it. She still has the paint that we painted it when it was Eli’s nursery 16 years ago! 😛 
So we turned Alayna’s old room into the guest room/ Jared’s office. This is Eli’s old bed.

Walker’s room however, is close to the colors she’s been looking at and so we moved her out of her room into Walker’s room. 
Eli wanted to keep his room even though it’s the smallest room. He loves his paint and being the closest to the main area of the house. But he was sleeping on a little twin bed and he’s the tallest person in the house! LOL! So he took Walker’s full size bed. 
This is probably the cleanest you’ll ever see his room too! Haha! 
 The striped comforter was Walker’s and I took these pictures before we got his new bedding. 
His new bedding arrived and his room is all set! The kids love the new setup. I love that all of the bedrooms are clean….for now. LOL! 

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