Happy Mother’s Day!

I felt so loved and spoiled this weekend! 
Jared made strawberry stuffed french toast with homemade strawberry syrup for breakfast Saturday morning. 

Alayna planned a special surprise for the two of us to get manicures together! 💜💅 She found where to go and called and set up the appointment all by herself. She was nervous because she’d never done it before but Dad wasn’t too far in case she needed any help. She didn’t though. She did great he said! She’s been saving all her babysitting money for weeks so that we both could do it together. I mean! 😭 

I love spending time with my girl! <3 

Jared and Walker got me new flowers for the porch and the family took me out to Rigatony’s for lunch. 

And then we tried Krispy Kreme’s new fruit flavored donuts. 
Strawberry was the best, then lime, then pineapple. 😛 

We had a beautiful Sunday morning at church. I even got everyone to cooperate and got a few pictures. 🙂  

 After church Jared and the kids made me THE MOST DELICIOUS Island Pork Tenderloin Salad for lunch! It was divine! 
Love this sight!!!! <3 
This salad was incredible! I found the recipe a while back and told Jared this is what I wanted for Mother’s Day. LOL! It turned out better than I imagined! Love that my family can cook!
Eli made brownies AND cookies for dessert. He’s my baker. 🍪 He decided to turn his into an oreo cookie ice cream chocolate chip sandwich! LOL!  
Alayna made me some sweet gifts at school. 
She drew this picture of us. She’s in red and I’m in green. 
FYI- I don’t really get “mad”. The kids just like to tease me and I tease back by pretending to be upset. Haha! 
It meant so much to me that she wrote about me always being there for her. Even in the hospital. Hospitals are still hard for me and when she was admitted and had to stay over-night I knew I wouldn’t be able to. Jared actually stayed all night with her and I came as early as I could each morning. I had major mom guilt and was frustrated that I was/am still dealing with PTSD and it was interfering with my ability to be the mother I wanted to be in that moment. But she doesn’t remember it that way and it makes my heart so grateful!!! When I read what she wrote I just cried!! <3 
Definitely on the bucket list! 
I loved the back cover design she made too.
Lots of love and food and together time. Soaking in these last 6 weeks before Walker leaves on his mission! So grateful for my family! I’m deeply blessed! 💙💙💜

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