California Vacation- Day 1

We weren’t sure when Walker would be leaving on his mission this summer. He put his availability date in the first part of June so we decided Spring Break would be our big family vacation before he leaves. 
After school on Friday we packed up and headed out! 
It’s been a long time since we all took off to Cali together. We used to go once or twice a year. The last time we went was in 2015, that was 4 years ago!!! 
 They’ve all grown just a “little” since then! <3 
I think knowing this will be the last time for at least 2 years stirred up a lot of tender feelings. My mind kept flashing back to different trips as the kids were growing up and remembering funny stories and cute things they used to do. We’ve made lots of wonderful memories over the years. 
We were going to stop in Blythe since it’s about halfway and we all needed to get out and stretch our legs, but by the time Jared realized it was a one exit town it was too late. Haha! So we kept on going until Indio and stopped for dinner at Panda Express. Then we hopped back in the car for the last stretch.
Seeing the windmills is always a good sign. It means we’re getting close! 
Alayna taking selfies in the backseat. LOL! 
The drive to California has never looked so beautiful. We’ve had so much rain this winter and the flowers were in full bloom the whole way. Areas that are usually dust bowls were covered in green. It made the drive so pretty! 
Alayna captured the sunset. I love it! <3 
We got into Buena Park around 7pm. We stayed with our old Bishop and his wife who moved out to California a year ago. They keep telling us to come out and stay with them so we finally took them up on their offer! 
They are so sweet and such generous people. Their home had the perfect set up for all of us to have our own space. We feel blessed to have such wonderful friends who opened their doors to help make our vacation possible! 

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