It’s that time of year again! Time for the Renaissance Festival! 
Last year we got rained out. It was freezing and soggy. The kids loved it. Me…not so much! LOL! This year was forecast to be 65 and mostly cloudy. It was pleasant most of the day. Toward the evening it was pretty cold though. We were all shivering! But it beats the alternative. It’s “usually” really hot…I don’t know why it’s been so cold these past 2 years? 
Alayna brought her friend Morgan and they both wanted henna tattoos. We’ve never done them before and it seemed like fun! 
Walker liked these mice guys. LOL! 
She’s pretty pleased with her dragon! 
Morgan got a sun. It turned out cool! 

Eli brought his friend Brynne. The very first thing I do when we get there is buy the biggest bag of “King’s Nuts” and munch away! 😛 I do share…eventually! See they got a few. 😛 
These girls are animal lovers. We had to stop every place there were animals. 

The guys decided to check out a knife shop in the meantime. 
We caught a few shows ….and a photo-bomber….
I don’t have any pics of this show but it was called, “The Wyld Men”. It was sort of like watching your two best friends put on an act as they made it up as they went along. It had some funny parts for sure but it also left you wondering what did you just watch. Hahaha!!! 
That’s better! 🙂 
I could watch this guy make pottery all day. He was so informative and watching the wheel spin and spin was mezmorizing! 
When the henna dries it peels off and the it stains the skin. This it what you are left with. It’s supposed to last for about 2 weeks. The girls are also showing of their Yin & Yang (at least that’s what they call them) Friendship Bracelets they purchased at the Fair. 
 Alayna is pretty tall. But Morgan is also pretty short. It’s funny that they are only a few weeks apart in age! 
My boys don’t really like taking pics but I was able to get one with BOTH of them that day! Mom win!!! <3 
I got myself a big ‘ol turkey leg. 
Everyone else opted for the spinach artichoke bread bowls. 
We caught another show. They don’t really give you a description of the shows in the map. This one was called “Cirque du Sewer- the acrobat with rats and cats!” But when we looked at the map all I remember reading was acrobat rats. In my head I was thinking it was just a bunch of kids acrobats. But when we got there it literally was rats and cats! They did little stunts…eventually…they both were a little less cooperative than you’d like. LOL! I mean….cats never like to do what you tell them to! 
Walker had to work unfortunately…he left us shortly after. We were glad he could come spend most of the day with us though. <3 
Then it was off to the Pirates Assault Catapult! The girls love this ride! Alayna even got brave this year and tried some back flips! 
Then the girls spent about an hour at Mother and Father Goose! I wasn’t’ kidding when I said they loved animals! I was surprised they didn’t get kicked out they were there so long! Hahaha! 
While the girls were there we went to watch Zilch the Torysteller. This guy was fast and would tell stories and switch the first letter around at the beginning of each word. Eli and Jared loved him! 
I went for a stroll looking for more treats. I needed something warm and I was glad when I found some hot chocolate! And possibly a funnel cake to go with it! 😉
We ended the day with the joust! 

Last year we sat down to watch it and the skies opened and dumped water on us and they cancelled the show. This year we really wanted to watch it. We got our chance. However, our guys lost. 🙁 Bummer! LOL! 
We had a fun day! I’m grateful for these memories we are able to make with our family! I love them to pieces!!! 

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