Another Year Another Birthday….

 Well…it’s that time of year again! I turned another year older. 
Hello 42!
I asked the kids to take a quick family picture together…this is what happens…every…single…time…LOL!! 

They really dislike taking pics. But you’d think they’d all cooperate to get it over faster…LOL! But no…it takes about 45 minutes to get 1-2 good ones. 😛 
 Ta-da!!!! 😀 
I had a nice bday with the family. We all went to Alayna’s game. 
Eli’s such a butt! LOL! 😛 
 This team only has a couple of weeks left. They have grown SO much over the season. So many varying ages, abilities, and skill levels. They’ve only won one game all season but they give it all they got every time!
Since Alayna has started Club she’s grown a ton too. Watching her yesterday use the new skills she’s learned she was AMAZING out there. She was diving and spiking and setting like a champ! 
After the game we went to Rubios for lunch. Walker gets a sweet discount if he comes in with us. 🙂 This was the only pic I got at lunch though…bummer…

Jared usually isn’t a big gift giver. But this year he was so cute and found a really great deal on a FitBit that I’ve been thinking about getting. He stayed up  late on Black Friday and planned it all out and got it for me. It was so sweet! <3

Later that night we went to see some Christmas Lights. We made hot chocolates and drank them in the car while we looked at all of the fun displays. 
Yep…this was the only pic we got of that too…hahaha!! But this street has some really cute decorations. You’ll just have to trust me or go see it for yourselves. It’s off of Elliot/Higley in Gilbert. 
It was right before bedtime and we all realized I never got to blow out candles or make a bday wish. So Alayna and Jared improvised…Yep, that’s a slice of bread! Hahaha!
Grateful for my family and getting to spend my special day with them. As I get older that’s all I want is to be with them. They are truly fun people and I love them to bits!!! <3

I almost forgot!! Jared also wrote me this sweet post:

[Why] do I love thee? Let me count the ways… at least the top ten? in no particular order.

1) You are smokin’ hot! Schwing! (what? I said, in no particular order)
2) You help us all to make memories that will never fade whether we know we want them or not
3) You know all of me, and you love me anyway
4) You are a tremendous cheerleader for our kids and me
5) You have an intelligence that you underestimate
6) You have a deep love for God and a seemingly direct conduit to His spirit
7) You can cook like nobody’s business
8 ) You can organize and optimize any chaos
9) You never quit in the face of adversity (even when it seems like it will never stop)
10) No one can care and put their heart into others the way you can
Bonus) You can bring yourself to tears when you laugh

Happy Birthday to my everything partner!! 🎉🎈(cuz I know you like emojis) I love you!!!!!!!!!! (cuz I know you like exclamation points)

(And yes, I know the poem is the “hows”, but the “whys” were more fun)

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