Alayna’s 1st Temple Trip- Family Temple Day!

Family Temple Day!! 💒 
Alayna has been SO excited to turn 12 so she can go to the Temple. 
Today was her very first time! ❤️
 It was a beautiful experience to have our entire family there today. Words can’t describe how much my heart was filled to watch Walker officiate baptisms for the very first time for his younger brother Eli and then each one of us. Seeing the pure joy on Alayna’s face as we arrived this morning and being blessed to be the one to help her find her way around and then see her face light up as her name was called to go down into to the baptismal font was so fun to be apart of and watch. And then for Jared, who typically isn’t very emotional or have many words to say, become moved to tears by the Spirit for one of his ancestors and hear him bear his testimony to our children was incredible!! 💕 It was absolutely perfect! My cup runneth over! 💞

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