Happy Thanksgiving X’s 3!!!

Thanksgiving just kept giving this year!!
With growing and aging families some traditions have taken some shifts this year. We had Thanksgiving Day with our little family. I have to say I LOVED it!!! We don’t usually spend it just the 5 of us. It was a special treat for sure! Getting my little crew all to myself was just what my Momma heart needed! <3  

My boys love the Thanksgiving sandwich! They have become masters at packing on as much as possible on those little Hawaiian rolls! LOL! 
And even more skilled at getting that mile high thing in their mouths!!! Hahaha!
 We had a relaxing day. We had lunch around 11am, decorated for Christmas, listened to music, and then hit up leftovers for dinner! 🙂 
It was perfect! <3 
The realization hit me when we were gathered all around that this will be the last Thanksgiving for 2 years with Walker. I had a moment where my heart sunk a bit. So I was EXTRA thankful to have this one on one time just with my little family. <3 I need to soak him up as much as I can!!!
We got this picture sent to us from Jared’s Mom and Rich and their get together in Texas. It’s so good to see her smiling. She just had knee surgery a couple of weeks ago and the recovery hasn’t been easy. 
We spent Friday afternoon with my parents and my brother and sister and their families at Matta’s. We had a Mexican Thanksgiving. It was nice to see everyone. My dad has been going through radiation treatments for several months and my mom’s health hasn’t been good for years. Hosting everyone felt too overwhelming for them and we all decided it would be easiest for everyone to go out and celebrate. No cleaning and no cooking….it was too hard to pass up! 😛 I’m bummed I forgot to get a picture of everyone though. 
Saturday morning we got together with Jared’s family. We went to Talking Stick Resort and did the buffet breakfast. The cousins got to catch up and the adults had time to chat and have a laid back time too. 
We had 3 days of giving thanks and Alayna said this year was her favorite one yet! LOL! Who doesn’t like to celebrate for 3 days? Haha! 

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