Swim Meet- Prelims

Today was Prelims. It’s the longest & hottest meet of the year. 
Two hot and sweaty parents trying to support their little girl and trying not to die from heat stroke! Lol!  
Alayna competed in 3 races. She was in the fastest heats in all three. Only the top 16 swimmers move on to the Championships. 
First up, Backstroke…

Passing the time between races. 🙂 
The boys look thrilled..Haha!
2nd race, Breaststroke…
3rd race, Butterfly…. 

She had a pretty good night. Not her “best” but she did enough! 🙂 
We think her seed time for backstroke is incorrect. This must have been the race her coach didn’t pay attention and clock her time. That’s a dramatic improvement in time! LOL! 🙂 
Not sure what happened with her breaststroke today? She still did pretty well though. 
Since she already qualified for the fastest heats going into the Prelims and she placed 4th, 6th, & 11th,  she qualifies for the Championships next week! 

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