John’s 75th Birthday Reunion

 Jared’s dad turned 75 in May. All the kids decided they should get together and celebrate his big milestone bday during the summer. The last time John had all of his kids together in one place was at our wedding in 1997! It was time! 🙂

Due to finances and work schedules not everyone’s other half and families were able to make it. But all of the Kitch kids did, and that’s what matters most! 😀

They played a lot of games, went to the zoo, visited the cousins down in Salt Lake and had a big BBQ and swim party! 


I’m so glad they all were able to go. I know it meant a lot to John. Jared’s Aunt Jean (on the top far left) was also thrilled to see everyone. She feels and treats all the Kitch kids like if they were her own. She is a beautiful woman inside and out!

This a is a picture of John David Holzheauser. This is John’s biological father. He died in a jeep accident while he was still overseas but the war had ended. It’s such a sad story. His best friend Edward came back to the states to look after J.D.’s widow, Billie, and their son John. They then ended up getting married. 
I see such a strong resemblance in some the John, his grand-kids and in the great grand-kids. 
As more pictures come in from the family I’ll add them. 🙂 

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