Seminary Graduation!

Walker graduated from Seminary last night!! 
LOVE that smile!!!
 It takes a lot of work and is a commitment to strive to complete all of the requirements for  Seminary graduation all while staying on top of his regular school studies. He takes Seminary during his lunch hour to fit in all of his requirements for High School graduation too. It has helped his testimony grow in ways it couldn’t in any other way! It’s an hour each day that he can “get away” from the world and High School life and “soak in” the the Spirit. He’s learned so much about the Gospel and he’s taught all of us so much too! Walker is a natural teacher. <3 
We are so proud of him! 
The last 4 years have been filled with challenges for him. Some have been really, really difficult. I know it’s because of his faith and staying close to the Lord daily that he’s been able to get through them. 
Walker oozes humility, love, compassion, and forgiveness. He’s one of the most Christ-like people I’ve ever known. He has blessed our lives in deep impactful ways that I will forever be grateful for. I’m humbled that I’ve been granted the privilege to be his Mom. 
I know he’s going to go forward and do wonderful things! But most importantly, while he does those things, he is going to bless everyone he meets! He’s a Light to everyone he rubs shoulders with!!! 
What a special young man you have turned into!!! Love you Walker!!!! <3 

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