Happy Valentine’s Day!

I “may” have a chocolate problem! I bought these boxes of chocolates for two weekends in a row! I’m blaming the marketing people for putting them in pretty red heart-shaped packaging. 
Silver lining about my “chocolate problem”…Jared helped Alayna transform the pretty box into her Valentine’s mailbox for school!! ❤️❤️

I made our traditional chocolate covered strawberries for the family! You know…cuz I need more chocolate in my life. 😛 
Our friend posted on FB that he was acting in a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater and they were offering a special Valentine’s Day showing. We didn’t have plans yet and it sounded like fun. 

It rained all day which we LOVE but not so great for the hair. 😛 

It was fun to see him in his element. 🙂 
Knowing the cast also has its perks! Jared and I both got to be in the show! 🙂
It was a fun night. We don’t always go out and celebrate Valentine’s Day. This year we did something a little different and getting away together made it even sweeter! 
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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