Walker’s WinFo

Walker was asked to Winter Formal (WinFo) last week! It’s a girl ask guy dance.
He had been talking to one of his friends in class and she told him that her friend’s date couldn’t go last minute. She was upset and was trying to figure out what to do. The dance was in 2 days! Walker being the awesome guy he is said he’d see if he could the time off of work and he’d step up and take her friend. He’s such a sweet guy! So proud of my boy!
He got his shift covered and work and that night his date asked him with this cute invite.
 He replied with this. 🙂 
Saturday they had a top chef cook off for their day date activity. They went to dinner at Texas Road House that night.
We snapped a few pics before she came and picked him up for the evening. 
He didn’t even really know anyone in the group. He was such a good sport and made the best of everything and helped out his friend and her friend. Makes my heart happy! When I get the group pictures I’ll add them here. 🙂 

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