Alayna’s Lake Mead Project

Alayna’s class has been working on a huge project for Social Studies for their end of the year grade. Each student was given a choice of what tourist attraction they wanted to do their’s on. Alayna picked Lake Mead. 
We were really having a tough time figuring out how to make a model of a lake. We thought about all sorts of craft supplies we could use to make water, mountains, etc. But nothing really was coming together. Finally we decided to make the water out of blue sand. Print out an areal view for the mountains and have all the different things labeled. Then Jared came up with a clever idea of making a Google satellite to go with it as if it was an image from Google Earth! 😛 
We worked on it over a couple of weeks. Alayna did a good job putting it all together. We all sure learned a lot about Lake Mead!! LOL!!
Tomorrow parents are invited to come in and look at everyone’s models. It will be neat to see what the other kids did. 🙂 

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