Secret Grandmas!

Over the past 6 weeks our Young Women group adopted Secret Grandmas. They sent out an initial letter and treat explaining to their Grandma that they were chosen and that they would be dropping letters, notes, treats, or small gifts off each week. At the end of the 6 weeks we’d be having a “Reveal Party” and they were invited to come to find out who their Secret Granddaughter was. 
We also told them if they wanted to leave anything for their Secret Granddaughter they could leave it in a red basket outside of the Young Women’s Room (with their own name) and we’d get it to the Young Women. 
It ended up being such an amazing and fun activity!!! The Young Women loved ding-dong-ditching gifts each week and getting to know their Grandma better. The Grandmas would tell me each week what a special thing it was for them. They felt so loved and appreciated. They said that they wouldn’t have gotten to know the Young Women if it wasn’t for this activity!!! They loved getting to know the girls and sharing their lives, wisdom, and hobbies with them!! 🙂 
We had the BIG reveal party tonight for our activity and all of the Grandmas were able to come. We did actually have the girls choose some of the home bound Grandmas in our Ward. We didn’t want to leave them out! 🙂 They weren’t able to come but we will take the girls at a later date to visit them in their homes.
Each Young Woman gathered some facts about their Grandma and read them out loud in front of the room. Everyone tried to figure out who it was and then at the end said who it was they had chosen. 
We did some simple decorations for the party. 
We, the leaders, didn’t want to be left out either! So we chose a Secret Grandma too! 🙂 It was so much fun! I picked Sister Sorenson!
We had a cute little craft to make with them so we could talk and chat some more while we made cute little bonnet hats! 
It was a great turnout! 
We had treats and painted our nails and got to know each other. Then we took some group pictures! 
 These Grandmas really shared their love to the Young Women! They were fantastic!!!
 And they have a great sense of humor!!! LOL!!! This goofy pic was all their idea!!! 😛
Our Young Women! They are wonderful girls!!!

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