Mesa Arizona Temple

For many, many years, since 1927 to be exact,  the Mesa Temple was the only temple in the valley. In 2014 the Gilbert Temple opened and Latter Day-Saints could visit the one that was closest to them. We live almost smack dab between the two, but since we live in Gilbert we typically go to the Gilbert Temple since it’s opened. 
The temples close periodically for a couple of weeks throughout the year for maintenance and cleaning. Sometimes we get so caught up in our “routines” we forget how blessed we are to be able to visit other temples! That’s exactly what happened this week. 
As I went today on my regularly scheduled Friday temple day, I was blessed to go to the Mesa Temple since the Gilbert Temple was closed for maintenance. When I arrived I was just struck with how beautiful the Mesa Temple is!!! It is so unique and feels like so much history is in those walls!  
It’s one of the few temples that do not have a spire and Angel Moroni on top. I love the carvings around the top of the building! 
And the gardens….the gardens!!!! My heart feels so much joy taking in the gorgeous gardens there!
Even after I left I had to take more pictures of the temple. If it was warmer today I would have gone all around the grounds and taken more. But I’m a wimp when it comes to cold and it was pretty cold and wet that morning. 😛 
The property the temple stands on is huge! The trees are very well established, the lawns are immaculate, and it smells heavenly everywhere you turn! <3 
I’m grateful for The House of Lord being so accessible to me. I know not many are as fortunate. Temples are being built all over the world now and are increasing with speed at which they are coming near Saints wherever they live. I know still many save for years and travel extensively to just be able to go to the Temple once in their life. 
It’s humbling and makes my heart swell at having such easy access to the Temple. I love attending each week. It fills my life with more direction, peace, understanding and help that I need! My love for the Temple has grown so much the past 7 months as I’ve made it a goal to attend weekly. I’ve had sacred heavenly experiences that are hard to even put into words. I cherish those experiences and will remember them for the rest of my life. They have helped me to know how close heaven is to us. How much the Lord is aware of me and how much He loves me! <3 
I love to see the Temple!!!

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