Texas Family Reunion- Thanksgiving Day!!! Good-Bye Duren Hotel- Hello Farm!!!

Thanksgiving day it was time to pack up and head to The Farm!!!  
Eli took these next 3 pictures. I think he has a natural eye for photography! Like mother like son! <3
Time to go have fun on The Farm!
Everyone loves The Farm. That is where Mamaw was born and grew up! It’s so beautiful and peaceful there! 

The Farm Road.

They made it!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Looks yummy!

This made me tear up…wish I could have been there….
I’ll end this post with some shots from around The Farm. 🙂 
 After everyone was sufficiently stuffed half of the family drove up to Dallas, while the other half stayed on The Farm. The next day they had more excitement in store….Six Flags!

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