So This is What 40 Looks Like….

I’m not really quite sure what to say….I turned 40!!!
My brain can’t quite comprehend what that means. How have I lived 40 years of my life already??? It’s boggling! LOL!!!
So I guess this is what 40 looks like!
Here are some pics from over the years…..a trip down memory lane! 🙂
Me with Grandma Donher Bernal

1st Birthday!

3rd Birthday!

4th Birthday!


High School Marching Band


High School Graduation 1995

Wedding Day 1997

Walker was born!! -2000

Eli was born!!! -2003

Alayna was born!!! -2006




Time sure does fly!!!!
It was a simple birthday. I got a lot of wishes on Facebook and had a few friends drop gifts off that day. This was one of my favorites!
Handmade with love from my visiting teacher. 🙂 
That evening we went to dinner as a family.
“Tried” to get a selfie….it’s like herding cats I tell ya!!! LOL!!!
 Today Alayna and I went to get our nails done. Her bday is this month too and last year we started a tradition of going together to celebrate! 🙂 
Is it telling that we chose the exact opposite color scheme as each other???? We didn’t even know until we were done!!! LOL!!!!
Then we went to lunch just the 3 of us. The boys wanted to stay home. 
It was a nice weekend. Grateful to call myself lucky enough to be blessed to have lived this long. I know so many aren’t afforded this gift. This year has put so much into perspective for me. It’s been a very challenging year with my health and I’m just so grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me each day with my family. They are my joy. My hope is this year will bring more peace and happiness. That I can continue to follow Him in faith as He shapes and molds me through the refiners fire….but hopefully with a little less heat!!! LOL!!!

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