Happy 10th Birthday Alayna!!!

Alayna is turning the BIG 1-0!!!! Double digits baby!!! Once you hit double digits you never go back! 😛 
Since it’s one of those milestone bdays and she’s never had a party out of the house we thought we’d let her pick somewhere fun to go! 🙂 
She chose Skateland!!!! 😀

Oh the memories this brings back! I used to go skating here every weekend as a kid! 😛 
Alayna requested I make her cake. I was trying to get her to let me buy one from Sam’s Club, but she said she likes my cakes better. What can a mom do when they hear that!?! LOL!!!
She actually decided on cupcakes and then we thought it would be fun to try to make it a roller skate. I didn’t have a cake board large enough to fit enough cupcakes on there to make it look right…but I think ti turned out close enough! LOL! Alayna helped decorate it too which always makes it more fun and special! <3
I made these from an idea I saw on Pinterest for goodie bags the kids could take home. 🙂 
She wanted to do the party earlier in the day. So we were there at 10am. It actually was really nice! We had the rink mostly to ourselves! 🙂 
She was SO thrilled to be feeling better for her party and to see all of her fiends after being stuck at home all week! 
Do these two look old enough for their “baby” to be 10??? 😛
Or their oldest to be 16???? 😛 
She invited Grandma and Grandpa Morrison to come too. She loves her grandparents!
This boy’s face says it all…..T-R-O-U-B-L-E! LOL!!! 
Gosh she’s growing up so fast and she’s just GORGEOUS! Inside and out!!
She has a lot of really good friends who are wild and crazy just like her! 😛 
She got to go up to the DJ booth and talk into the microphone, spin a wheel to win a prize, and all sorts of fun things! 
She even got a giant Slurpee!!! This girl LOVES Slurpees! 😛
She got a lot of neat gifts. Her friends really know her well!
Grandma and Grandpa got her a pearl necklace…the catch….she has to open the clam herself to get the pearl out!!! She thought this was the coolest thing EVER!!!! 😛 They are so good a getting the most creative and fun gifts! 
Manicure products…she’s in heaven! 😛 
Her friend Charlie is the sweetest boy. They’ve been friends since they were born! 🙂 He got her a little necklace and her expression is priceless! 
Alayna’s drawings have been getting quite good and her friends felt like she needed “good” drawing paper instead of notebook paper to make her art “pop”!! 😀 
A little spending money is always fun too! 
She was so thrilled to get so much stuff to help with her drawing!
The kids skated and skated and skated! They had a ball!
Eli was such a good, cool brother! He hung out with his little sister and her friends and played around with them. Of course I’m sure her little friends think he’s the raddest teen around! 😛 
Alayna just adores him. He’s so fun! 🙂 
Walker is at that stage where he’s “too cool” for all this stuff…LOL! He was a really good sport though….you never are too old for video games! 🙂 
 We wrapped things up with a little “Cha Cha Slide” ! 🙂 
Love this little girl of mine! I feel so blessed to be her mom. She is the light of my life. I’m grateful to have a daughter. We bond in a way that only mothers and daughters can. She is so funny, outgoing, confident, smart, loving, kind, compassionate, understanding, creative, artistic, and I could go on and on and on!!! 🙂 I love our girl time together and our long talks at night. God has truly blessed me! I’m so incredibly grateful! <3 <3 
Happy 10th Birthday baby girl!!!!!!! Love you to pieces!!!!!

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