Jared’s brother Jeff turned 50 on June 28th. We went over and had a small bday celebration that day. What he didn’t know is his wife Bea planned to have a BIG surprise party for him later! 😛
Saturday was the big day and Jared’s sisters Jonita (from Texas) and Julie (from Florida) flew out to make the surprise an even bigger surprise! 😀 All 5 of the “J Kids” were able to be there! 
We are all anxiously awaiting the man of the hour! 🙂
Jeff thought he was going to a surprise party for his friend whose house we were all waiting at. When the door opened and we all yelled SURPRISE! He was VERY surprised!!! 😀 He was even MORE surprised when he saw his 2 out of state sisters there! There were a lot of tears! It was awesome! 🙂
You can see the videos here and here! 😀
No birthday celebration is complete without the cake. 🙂
Jeff giving a few words of thanks and love to everyone who came. 

It was so fun to see how many people love Jeff and came out to celebrate him!!
Happy Birthday Jeff!!!!

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